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Tips for maintenance your Kosta Series cummins generator cooling system


After you posses diesel generator set. Use and Maintenance of Cummins Generator Cooling System Did You Know? The deterioration of the technical state of the diesel engine cooling system will directly affect the normal operation of the diesel engine. Deterioration of the technical condition is mainly manifested in the fact that the scale in the cooling system makes the volume smaller, the circulation resistance of the water increases, and the heat conductivity of the scale deteriorates, so that the heat dissipation effect is reduced, the temperature of the engine is high, and the formation of scale is accelerated. In addition, it can easily cause oxidation of the engine oil and cause carbon deposits such as piston rings, cylinder walls, valves, etc., causing increased wear. Therefore, in the use of the cooling system must pay attention to the following points:

1. Use soft water such as snow water and rain water as cooling water as much as possible. River water, spring water, and well water are all hard water, contain many kinds of minerals, and will precipitate out when the water temperature rises. It is easy to form scale in the cooling system, so it cannot be used directly. If you really want to use this type of water, it should be boiled, precipitated, and used for surface water. In the absence of water to make up, use clean, contaminated soft water.

2. Maintain proper water surface, that is, the upper water room shall not be lower than 8mm below the upper mouth of the inlet pipe;

3, master the correct method of adding water and discharging water. When the diesel engine overheats and lacks water, it is not allowed to add cold water immediately, and the load should be removed. After the temperature of the water drops, it is slowly added in a trickle under the operating state.

4. Maintain the normal temperature of the diesel engine. After starting the diesel engine, the diesel engine can only start working when it is warmed up to 60°C (only when the water temperature is at least 40°C or above, the tractor can start empty running). The water temperature should be kept in the range of 80-90°C after normal operation, and the maximum temperature should not exceed 98°C.

5, check the belt tension. With a force of 29.4 to 49N in the center of the belt, the amount of belt sinking of 10 to 12mm is appropriate. If it is too tight or too loose, loosen the generator bracket fastening bolts and adjust the position by moving the generator pulley.

6. Check the leakage of the water pump and observe the leakage of the drain hole under the cover of the water pump. The leakage should not exceed 6 drops within 3 minutes of stopping. If it is too high, the water seal should be replaced.

7. The pump shaft bearing should be lubricated regularly. When the diesel engine is working for 50 hours, butter should be added to the pump shaft bearing.

In addition, the user needs to be aware that the cooling system scale should be cleaned up to about 1000 hours of engine operation. I hope the above introduction can help the user.

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